Project Management Office

FSI recognizes the need to optimize efforts across multiple endeavors to minimize the risk associated with managing independent projects.  To address the dual management levels required by a Program, FSI utilizes a two-tier “best practices” approach by offering services in both Program Management and Project Management, as follows:

Project Management Office


Our Project Management Office (PMO) solution helps clients address the following challenges:

  • Structured approach to rapid implementation. We assist our clients (Corporations, Business Associations and Service Providers) with the required skills and experience necessary to deploy strategic business initiatives in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.
  • Problem analysis and intervention. We deploy a structured methodology to identify and resolve Program-level issues before they negatively impact the overall business initiative.
  • Long-term and cross-functional implementations. Client personnel in other lines of business may also seek Project Management services as their IT organizations become internal service providers.

FSI supports Program Leadership through the coordination and administration of standards, processes, and procedures. Throughout the Program life cycle, the PMO will administer the following areas:

  • Benefit realization
  • Business alignment monitoring
  • Strategic risk management
  • Vendor and supplier management
  • Cost management
  • Program tracking and monitoring
  • Human resources management
  • Managing organizational transformation
  • Quality management
  • Change control and issue management

FSI’s Project Management Office solution can especially benefit startup service provider companies not yet fully staffed, or rapidly growing companies that are understaffed.

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