CIO Advisory Services

What Is It?

CIO Advisory Services is a set of offerings designed to help clients define, communicate and execute their IT strategy to maximize business impact, minimize operating costs and better measure overall efficiencies. These offerings help clients to better leverage their technology architecture, their people, their processes and know-how as well as optimize their use of capital to maximize their value to the business.

What’s the Need?

Driven by CXO demand for improving IT business alignment, service delivery and effectiveness while striving to make the best use of technology spend & resources.

How are we addressing the need?

By keeping abreast of leading practices and solutions for managing IT and bringing broad expertise coupled with an external perspective to bear for our clients.

What makes us unique?

We offer an extensive range of successful past client experiences coupled with proven tools and methodologies that we can leverage to each new client’s advantage. We also offer one of the few remaining unbiased product & technology perspectives.

Why clients buy the Solution: What is the value proposition?

Depending on the external perspective of the IT or Business leader, the value of CIO Advisory Services may include any or all of the following:

  • Aligning IT to changing business strategy directions
  • Improving IT service delivery
  • IT and/or business cost reduction
  • Enabling business innovation and/or creating competitive advantage
  • Simplifying infrastructure and application footprint/complexity
  • Improving use of IT outsourcing services
  • Support merger and acquisition due diligence and integration success
CIO Advisory Offerings
  • IT Strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Transformation Management
  • COEs (Business Technology Effectiveness Solutions – e.g. Innovation, Green, BPM, SOA, Quality, etc.)
  • Governance Strategy / Value Driven Governance
  • Data Center Transformation
CIO Advisory Capabilities
  • IT Organization Design (Talent Management)
  • Sourcing
  • Application Portfolio Rationalization and Management
  • Cost Takeout
  • M&A
  • Applied Technology
  • Green Business
  • Quality Management Advisory Services
  • Shared Services

The CIO Advisory Methodology provides a consistent and flexible approach to address different solutions and technologies. For further information on the FSI CIO Advisory Services, please contact