Electronic Discovery Solutions and eDiscovery

Support for trial preparation.   Solutions that provide imaging, lookup, sorting of documents for medium to large litigation cases.  Assistance compiling litigation database that leverages technology for trial preparation or case settlement, as well as leveraged opportunities from eDiscovery vendor alliances.

The Electronic Discovery Process

This popular Reference Model of an Electronic Discovery process (see www.edrm.net) illustrates the typical activities we assist our clients with:

Electronic Discovery Reference Model

Electronic Discovery Reference Model

  • The identification of potentially relevant information and where it exists within a litigant’s organization and IT infrastructure
  • Assistance in the development of litigation hold notices
  • Preservation and collection of relevant documents, especially electronic records (ESI)
  • Using any commercially available solution, iteratively process, review and analyze all the documents
  • Preparation of and responses to discovery requests (Interrogatories and Document Production, particularly ESI)
  • Expert analyses regarding discovery issues; and
  • Review for compliance with Federal Rules of  Civil Procedure requirements