Representative engagements across our three practice areas:

Incident Response

Researched malware attack on a major healthcare company, evaluated internal IT response and proposed new response procedures directed at improving the organization’s response to future cybersecurity threats.

Electronic Disovery

Forensically preserved contents of a variety of mobile devices, cell phones and tablets across all commercially available mobile platforms. Analyzed contents of SMS Text Messages and other Cellular telephone artifacts to provide proof of facts in cases ranging from wrongful death incidents, fraud investigations (both civil and criminal cases), business torts, breach of contract and family law matters.

Fraud Investigation

Traced theft of intellectual property through Dropbox allowing company to demonstrate that a former employee had taken critical confidential documents to a competitor. Engagement included full electronic discovery process from forensic acquisition of suspect systems, byte-level data analysis, determination of the method used to steal the data, production of an expert report, deposition testimony and FSI’s support of case settlement negotiations.

Electronic Discovery

Forensically preserved all of the Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for dozens of hard drives contained within any computer type (Apple OSX/Microsoft Windows, and others) for a Commonwealth of Massachusetts state agency as part of a major fraud investigation conducted by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office (AGO).

Program Management

For a leading software products company in the online training and education software market, proposed personnel and process changes to address challenges in a major product architecture changeover. Assisted in recruiting new organizational leadership, provided new PMO templates and procedures which all supported project, budget, issue and risk management activities of this global software developer.

Program Management

For a world class regional retailer, oversaw overhaul of systems including new Point-of-Sale, enhanced e-Commerce site, implementation of Salesforce One platform for CRM and integration of Profitability Analytics software. Improved already excellent sales per square foot and profit margin.

Program Management

After a series of global acquisitions, provided strategic guidance and execution oversight to rationalize IT Operations for a global Real Estate services company with over 30,000 employees. Included data center consolidation (from RFP through transition), onsite evaluation of IT capability in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and design of the future state IT organization.

Program Management

Managed initiative to replace virtually all internal applications including Finance / Payroll / Sales / Procurement and added a Business Intelligence capability for a North American services company with 18,000 employees. Led effort from selecting Big Four consulting partner as general contractor through end user training and post go-live support. Application suite was then selected by parent company for global rollout. Provided assistance in designing and hiring leadership structure for global applications team.

Computer Examination Report

For an individual accused of a violent crime, demonstrated that a person had been logged into the defendant’s home computer accessing his bank account at the time he was alleged to have accosted the victim. This case required e-Discovery elements from forensic preservation of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), as well as the analysis of web browsing and registry artifacts still available almost a year after the events of the case, and the preparation of an Computer Examination Report.

Patent Damages / Expert Testimony

Prepared damage estimates including reasonable royalties for a manufacturer facing patent infringement from overseas sources.  Client had offered to settle for less than $1M in damages pre-trial, defendant eventually settled for over $4M in damages following the production of our expert report, deposition testimony and the creation of demonstrative exhibits for use at trial which clearly supported FSI’s opinion of a higher damages valuation.