Recently FSI Principal John Crawford was retained by a prominent criminal defense lawyer to assist at the time of trial with an attack on electronic evidence offered by the U.S. Government and misleading prosecution testimony given by an FBI forensics expert.

FSI provided expert litigation support services in the John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston to FSI’s Client  (the Criminal Defense Attorney).   FSI’s Attorney Work Products were attached to both Pre and Post-Trial Motions, and FSI’s Demonstrative Exhibits were prominently used in arguing to Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton and the trial jury.

FSI’s Client (the Criminal Defense Attorney):  “A subsequent forensic analysis of the images by defense expert John Crawford demonstrated that the IRS investigators used a flawed evidence gathering process and employed a forensic tool that was new to the market and had known reliability problems.  The tool produced unverified electronic evidence in defective computer image files.”

FSI Members are proud to serve our Lawyer and Law Firm Clients and to provide Computer Forensics Expert Witness Testimony in order to ensure that every American citizen receives Due Process and a fair trial, as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.