Systems International, LLC (FSI) recently completed a forensic examination of a client company’s web-server computer.  During our engagement, FSI identified, analyzed and documented several operating system records which had revealed successful attempts by a hacker to defeat information system security controls over the company’s proprietary and confidential data.  FSI investigated an asset misappropriation based upon an ex-employee’s misuse of the Company’s computerized information systems.

The fraudulent activity alleged in this matter involved the placement of illegal file sharing software on the company’s computer systems, and a post-employment theft of proprietary information.  Included within the assets that were misappropriated were customer lists, product pricing data, company product and service descriptions as well as the company’s supplier and vendor information.

The defendant in this matter had previously served in the capacity of an office administrator and had conspired to leave the company and to start a competing business with other ex-employees.  Prior to his termination, the defendant had placed certain file sharing software on the company’s computer equipment which enabled him to connect to the company’s network from anywhere on the internet.

The forensic computer investigation services which we performed included a detailed examination of the computer workstation previously assigned to the defendant, the capture of web-server system log files and disk images, the identification of illegal software applications used by the defendant, the description of post-termination access and asset misappropriation activity, and the preparation of trial and deposition exhibits.

The case settled quickly upon the production of an Expert Report written by FSI Principal John Crawford.