About FSI

A Focus on Computer Forensics and Litigation Support Consulting 

FSI provides Computer Forensics and Litigation Support Consulting globally and across all fields of interest at the intersection of technology and the law.  We work closely with our clients to maximize the benefits of court-tested information technologies and apply them to the business and legal challenges faced by our Clients.

FSI Principals have been providing professional services to Clients for more than 25 years.  We have deep experience, and we are ready to bring deep legal and technical expertise to our Clients wherever in the world they are located, even throughout cyberspace.

Whether you need a forensic analysis of a single electronic device containing merely 100 bytes of data, or you need a comprehensive data collection project  spanning multiple organizational business information systems, FSI will work with you to ensure sound and legally admissible forensic results at the most reasonable price point in the industry.